The Top Two Gourmet Music Festivals in London

If you’re planning to attend any of the many London music festivals over the summer months then you’ll be spoilt for choice with the plethora of events on offer. You might find yourself attending a jazz festival, a blues festival, a hip-hop festival or even a classical music festival – it really depends on what you enjoy. If you have a taste for independent music, the best place to visit is the intimate Barbican Centre; with its own restaurant, a whole host of ticketed events and a dedicated green space for those who want to rest their weary eyes. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of the big touring bands, head over to Olympia Europe, where you’ll be able to enjoy the splendour of the Romanian capital and hear some of the best bands in the world – though remember to bring your handy ascender and aisle handkerchief!

Summer Music Festival, Don Valley Park, July/August 18:00 – 22:30

A huge music festival with free concerts in Don Valley Park every Summer. The line-up includes the cream of the crop of bands Big Band, Small Barrel and even the fringe festival favorite Go Ahead Airlines. Frequently the only UK Alabama band in town, the boosts in the crowd are hard to come by but the rumble in the amphitheatre is loud and thunderous.

Gnarls Barkley – Birmingham, Birmingham, Birmingham – 18-30

The Gnarls Barkley are one of the UK’s most innovative and influential bands. Since breaking onto the scene in the early 90s they have astonished audiences worldwide with their breezy blend of punk bohemianism and emo stylings. The line-up at the Birmingham Festival is as eclectic as the band’s name. Ever-growing fans of the band can expect to attend a performance by a different artist every night, while those more involved will find an opportunity to interact with and learn from the artists.

Trainback Festival, Birmingham, Birmingham – 11-14

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The eagerly awaited return of the Trainback Festival is a month long showcase of Birmingham’s best in live music, food and craft. Taking place across the city, the event is not only a must see, but also a great way to learn about the city and its history. Reggae, reggae and Jawaiian are the main musical flavours, but the festival is known also for its dizzying array of food and craft stalls.

Weekend World Music Festival, Olympia, Birmingham – 12-17

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The Weekend World Music Festival is one of the main attractions of the month of October in Birmingham, and one which should not be missed. Throughout the month, visitors are invited to enjoy a free outdoor festival in the middle of the city. Taking place across two weekends, the event is set in the Birmingham International Factory Crafts Park. Taking place over two days, the event is tentatively named ‘Grr’.

Weekend Aboriginal Sydney, Sydney – 21-23

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The most novel and adventurous of food fests is The Weekend Aboriginal, held just off Hyde Street in October. The festival idea came about from a bet with a new friend. Held in Sydney’s Indian Cultural Centre, the event gives visitors the opportunity to eat with the indigenous tribes of Australia and perceptions of the Australian indigenous people.

Cheese Festival, Barossa Valley, Australia – October

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One of the main reasons to visit Australia is its amazing varieties of cheese. With many international chefs arriving in Australia to teach the nation’s fishermen, it’s not surprising that there is an enormous appetite for cheese-making and sampling. The Barossa Valley Festival of Cheese is the must-do event of the year for cheese lovers. The valley – a child’s Anatomy of Australia – is the craggy, forested heart of the state. This is the place to sample the hundreds of Australian cheeses, visit makers and Consumers’ markets, and sample local produce.


Christmas Island Carnival – Tampa, Florida

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The legendary Island of Santa Schwein is one of the best known tourist attractions in Florida. But it’s also a safe destination for family vacations. showcasing the island’s culture while sporting a truly tropical atmosphere.

cultural Sydney – Sydney, Australia

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Sheffield’s cultural heritage is celebrated every year at the Cultural Festival in September. 2008’s event was the 15th annual Cultural Festival – a collage of music, theatre, literature, film and visual and street art. In a silent auction for charity, the best funnel cakes from the culinary beat go to the winning bakery.