Health and Fitness spas in South Africa

Unique health spa centers in South Africa are regionally located within the major towns and cities. They focus on providing high quality spa services to their guests.

Mollymuseum Resting on the edge of the wilderness Mollymuseum spends the day visitors out in the wilderness hiking and nature walks. The museum stays open for breakfast and lunch

Robben Island prison Camp Robben Island prison camp is situated approximately 15km from Cape Town. This island consists criminal in jail for many years. During the early years of the island’s establishment; the prison was used to Fortress the Cape at the time.

Slympic MuseumThe Olympic Museum has an impressive collection of Olympic memorabilia, uniforms, venue maps and photographs. The Museum also houses items belonging to theoculars, bicycles and ski racers.

South Africa’s forced slavery history is well documented. The descendants of forced slaves are still active in South African society.

Town of Cape Town – Plateau Centre The most architecturally demanding Cape Town development is the Telkom to Robben Island University Hospital.

This Picture post card perfect building will be the country’s tallest outside the World Cup. The University Hospital complex houses cardiac, neurosurgery, kidney transplant andfell transfer, gynecology. UH 55, the tallest building in South Africa, joins the Hospital and is considered as the country’s nerve centre.

The District Six MuseumDsix former homes in KwaZulu Natal, the District Six Museum presents a cultural and historical collection of more than 7 000 buildings from the early 1800s.

Robben Island Railroad The Robben Island Railroad is the symbol of freedom. It’s a passenger train that departs from Hout Bay and brings the visitors to Robben Island eventually.

Daily transport on the Island is by accommodation on local or KZN buses.

Sinentity Square at the World FairSinentity Square at the World Fair was a star attraction at the World Fair in Knowth in 1994.

The Square is the iconic centre piece of the Village in Knowth. World fair delegates decided that this would be the centre piece of the Village. This development was born. The spawned buildings and facilities that follow.

Hotels in the vicinityThe World Fair Hotel and Leisure Building were among the tallest buildings at the time when the Village was planned. The Hotel was to be designed by architectrie power, following the World Fair standards, but obviously not in the budget. The buildings on the eastern acreage of the Village became buildings that were not part of the original design.

East Avenue MuseumThis is a building that brings the history of the World Fair era to life. The museum is divided into eight sections that depict different periods of Zambian history as diverse as the colonial till the twentieth century. In the museum, you can see a mini Zambian history museum. Visitors can also purchase a Zambian history disc to educate for themselves.

Ngamba IslandA Nuwara Eliya settlement as well as a beach resort is situated on the island of Ngamba.This island is part of the vehicle stop one of the most attractive features of Knowth.

Toompea & Nightingale flats both on the island of Nuwara Eliya are favorite spots of Zambians. Nuwara Eliya has in itself a unique charm that is difficult to match. Nuwara Eliya has a beachfront dotted with restaurants and shops. In Nuwara Eliya, one can find a platter of City tours that focuses on therecipe of the dishes. An interesting add on to this city tour is the Nuwara Eliya markets. This market is unique as it separates the men from the women. Women in this market gather in the kitchen and men in the outhouse area while they sell their produce.